From Self-Doubt to Self-Love

Help for Moms with Unresolved Childhood Trauma

I help moms have unresolved childhood trauma who have self-doubt, feel guilty, have trust wounds and feel lonely in their lives and relationships.

Using intuition and a scientifically proven energy healing technique I support moms to create more inner peace and confidence.


G'anna (Pronounced....GEE Onna)

Tired of feeling confused and anxious about life?

Tired of getting triggered by those you love the most?

Ready to uncover the best version of yourself?

Oftentimes it isn’t about changing who you are but about letting go of all the things (traumatic events, triggers, parental issues and societal programming) that keep you stuck.

Releasing patterns that no longer serve you so you can be free to function at a much higher level.

It is coming home to yourself and learning to love yourself unconditionally. 

Being your own best friend, giving yourself grace and giving yourself permission to be your authentic self.

The world needs you to be unapologetically you!

Client Success Stories

"I didn't know much about EFT before meeting G'anna and it was one of the best healing experiences I have ever done and I've done a lot.

G'anna's energy is so amazing, just seeing her makes your energy shift.

She really knows what she is doing and even in days I couldn't explain exactly where I was at with things she always found a way to help me dive deeper than I even knew existed."


"I just had my first EFT session with G'anna and it went amazing. We worked through some fear I was having. She was able to get very specific about the issue which was important.

She has a sure way of getting to the essence. When we tapped I felt so trusting of her ability and many times was blown away by her intuition about my situation.

She knew what to do and the treatment facilitated great transformation in me. I was no longer stuck in an old pattern, but free to function at a much higher level."

Deborah Jane

"G'anna has a natural way of being empathetic, seeing the heart of your issue, and teaching you how to use EFT to help heal.

She is willing to GO there with you, with no judgment, and with a sense of purpose and a method that will break down what is holding you back. Limiting beliefs, old patterns, and ideas that run your subconscious...she is able to figure out a path through.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work with her, finding weekly insights, emotional catharsis,  and focusing on my patterns that were no longer serving my life. Thank you!!!"


"G’anna was great in really listening to me without judgment and helping me recognize my triggers and how to deal with them through tapping.

Becoming aware of my triggers combined with the tapping method has really helped me stay calm and present especially in situations where before I would have withdrawn or become angry.

So if you are willing to do some deep meaningful work on yourself, that can also be difficult at times, but also very rewarding, I highly recommend G’anna."


"After working with G’anna I moved past some major trauma that had happened to me as a teenager. I was able to feel my feelings and forgive. It even helped me to face rejection. I had felt like it was never there with my father. I have experience letting go of things that once held me back.

I feel stronger today and I was able to work through some anger, hurt, frustration and loss. I would highly recommend G’anna to my friends.

She holds a safe space and she is gracious, loving, caring and she has such a sweet and gentle spirit she also could take what I said to her and interpret just what I needed during the tapping. Thanks G’anna for helping move past things I didn’t think I could and letting me know it’s ok to feel what I feel."



" I began to have a clearer understanding of what was going on and the toll it was taking on myself and my family.

With the help of G’anna, I developed a level of confidence that I had not had in a very long time.

I grew closer to my inner self and my higher self, ultimately creating a power team to battle this paralyzing hold that anxiety had on me. As a result of the coaching/EFT, I am now feeling freer and happier"

- Stephanie

"Thank you so much for such an enriching experience. Working with you on the struggles I was experiencing with family relationships helped me to dig deeper, accept and finally release a lot of emotional backlog.

Your caring and gentle manner, listening skills and array of tools have allowed me to be more in tune with my emotions and to be more grounded and clear headed. You are an amazing EFT practitioner!"


"I am forever grateful for what G’anna has done for me through her practice!!!!

I learned so many skills of self care and raising my vibration!!!

She guided me through a crap ton of heavy baggage!!!!She’s Amazing and keenly aware!!!"

- Reba


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